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Work plan for the second semester of the junior high school 2018-2019

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I. Guiding ideology The junior middle school has seriously implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, carefully implemented the spirit of the conference of the education system and the school's various work arrangements, united, united and collaborated Strive forward to the goal of "building a strong moral education school to be the leader of the school".
Second, work objectives continue to improve the overall construction of the junior middle school. Deepen the construction of school culture together, improve the overall quality of the junior middle school teacher team, and build a moral character; focus on improving the quality of teaching, and build a "fine" and "quasi" teaching mode under the guidance of simple teaching concepts; safety as the basis, overall planning, and coordinated development.
Third, work ideas
1. Improve the three-year development plan for the junior high school and guide teachers to make personal development plans.
2. Highlight the theme of "educating people with morals" and carry out a series of theme activities in conjunction with "teacher moral construction".
3. Adhere to the main position of quality construction, and carry out the exploration and research of "fine and quasi" classroom model in combination with the concept of simple teaching.
4. Actively participate in county-level and city-level training, high-quality class competitions and other activities, do a good job of teacher training, be a well-known teacher; young teacher training assistance work, can not let students wait for teachers to grow.
5. Adhere to the education concept of "caring for every student and developing every student". With the goal of cultivating "successful students in reality", a series of activities are carried out to enable students to study happily and grow happily.
4. Main work and measures: Implement the education policy of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in an all-round way, deepen the education reform, focus on improving the quality of teaching, achieve "excellent development, refined management, and refined service", and establish a "student development-oriented" Educational thinking, constantly updating teaching concepts, giving play to the characteristics of "happiness education" in the junior middle school, changing teachers 'teaching behaviors and students' learning styles, proposing new measures, opening up new horizons, striving for new breakthroughs, and creating quality education that people are satisfied with.
(A) work focus:
1. Strengthen the conventional system and improve teaching management;
3. Focus on teacher training and improve teacher quality;
4. Enrich student activities and promote student development;
5. Carry out after-school services and put the work in place.
(2) Main work and measures:
1. Strengthen conventional systems and improve teaching management.
(1) Strictly implement the curriculum plan, continuously strengthen teaching management, and promote the overall improvement of teaching quality.
Strictly implement the course plan, open and complete the courses, and ensure that each class is good in quality and quantity, and prevent random adjustments, absenteeism, lateness, early departure, and leaving the classroom. Carry out home exchanges, understand the situation in time, and put forward corrective measures when problems are found.
(2) Standardize teaching practices and implement all aspects of teaching.
Preparing for lessons: Implementing a super weekly lesson preparation system, requiring two lessons to be prepared the day before class. Each lesson plan should be based on the analysis of teaching materials, including teaching objectives, teaching processes, teaching methods, classroom training, assignments and so on.
Class: Teachers of various disciplines should insist on quality in the classroom for 45 minutes to improve classroom teaching efficiency. It is necessary not only to standardize their teaching behaviors, but also to strengthen the cultivation of students' behavioral habits. Implement a two-minute waiting system in advance to urge students to prepare before class; standardize classroom routines, correct students' incorrect reading, writing, and sitting postures at any time, and discover and deal with violations of classroom discipline at any time. Ask each teacher to ask for quality in the classroom to improve classroom efficiency.
Homework Correction: Continue to strengthen teachers 'correction of students' homework, and strive for each teacher to do: serious corrections, timely corrections, and timely reviews, so that the assignments can really play the biggest role.
Evaluation feedback: Do a good job of feedback on students' disciplines, conduct quality analysis in a timely manner, check leaks and fill gaps, and improve student learning quality; carry out activities such as teacher teaching demonstrations, teacher skills and business assessments, and promote professional development of teachers.
2. Focus on teacher training and improve teacher quality.
Take the county's high-quality courses and subject training as an opportunity to strengthen the professional training of teachers. Through theoretical learning, internal and external training, expert reports and other activities, create a good atmosphere and improve teachers' theoretical literacy, professional vision and cultural heritage. Organize teachers to actively participate in various off-campus trainings, broaden their horizons, improve their knowledge, and update their concepts. Organize key teachers to participate in discipline training and academic seminars at the city and county levels to learn advanced experience and improve scientific research awareness. By creating conditions, we will continue to accelerate the growth of teachers.
3. Do a good job of teaching and research and promote teacher development.
(1) Focus on classroom transformation and serve students' "fine and quasi" learning. On the basis of in-depth study of "Academic Quality Standards", pay attention to the transformation and reform of classroom teaching, "the transformation of learning and teaching methods based on the development of learning ability". Focusing on the classroom, while studying teaching methods, focus on learning methods, attach importance to the training and guidance of key teachers, reflect the requirements of "light weight and high quality", grasp classroom teaching goals, standardize classroom teaching routines, and continuously improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching. Make "fine, quasi" teaching into the teaching characteristics of junior high school.
(2) Make full use of the resources of the educational community, actively participate in community activities, learn from advanced schools, and learn from the advantages of the school, do a good job of teaching and research, and promote the professional development of teachers.
(3) Further promote the famous teacher project. With the help of the county famous teacher project, the junior middle school will try its best to build a platform to support some key teachers with good potential for development, leaders of disciplines at all levels, and famous teachers to rush to a higher level.
4. Enrich student activities and promote student development.
(1) Carry out rich student reading activities to build scented classes, build a rich reading atmosphere, integrate rich reading resources, carry out colorful reading activities, make full use of self-study time, and organize students to read; each class offers reading classes; students Write reading experience, reading notes. Improve the class book corner, encourage students to read between classes, and develop good reading habits.
(2) Encourage students who are interested in specialties to join clubs and explore their potential.
Encourage students to participate in the associations organized by the school, build a platform for students to discover their strengths, stimulate interest, develop abilities and show themselves, and improve students' self-confidence and internal quality. At the same time, guide students to explore the science around them, strengthen their scientific consciousness, and improve their innovative ability.
(Three) moral education work
Thoroughly implement the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, strengthen the construction of moral education workforce, pay close attention to the cultivation of education with the content of cultivating good moral qualities and behavior habits, and aim at training "successful students in reality", and closely follow the "Code for Middle School Students" "," The Standards of Daily Behavior of Middle School Students "earnestly strengthen and improve the ideological and moral construction of junior middle school, strengthen students 'self-management ability, continuously improve students' civilized behavior habits and ideological and moral qualities, promote the all-round development of students, and strive to enhance the initiative and effectiveness of moral education. In order to consolidate and improve the overall level of moral education in the junior middle school, the moral education in the junior middle school can reach a new level.
1. Strengthen team building and improve the professional quality of the moral education team.
(1) Strengthen the construction of the head teacher team.
Further improve the training mechanism of class teachers, establish a multi-level and multi-form training system, combine daily training with centralized training, combine theoretical training with practical inspections, and conduct regular work discussions and exchanges.
(2) Strengthen the construction of student cadres.
Continue to implement the system of on-duty monitors, and regularly train and communicate with them at the department level to understand student dynamics and improve their management capabilities. At the same time, by carrying out activities, they can give full play to their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, listen to their opinions and suggestions with an open mind, improve the moral education working methods and activity forms, make them acceptable to the majority of students, and be willing to participate, so that all students can enjoy learning. Receive education in life and grow up healthily.
(3) Further improve the school-family exchange linkage mechanism.
Further build a horizontal and internal linkage between the classroom and the Internet, and a school-family linkage mechanism to form a scientific, standardized, and long-lasting institutional guarantee. Relying on the power of parent committee members, develop "walking classrooms" to establish a moral education management network centered on school education and based on home education.
2. Implement the theme education activities to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of moral education.
(1) Cultivate students' behavioral norms and develop education. Combined with "being a civilized student" in the three civilizations to implement the "Code for Middle School Students" in depth, make full use of the new semester behavior code demonstration week and demonstration month, and educate and guide students to understand the basic behavior code in their learning life, strengthen training and strict requirements , Educate students to develop good behavior habits; theme series of activities: such as the opening ceremony of the new semester, safety education activities in the new semester, class environment layout in the new semester and other activities.
(2) Deepen the education of Chinese outstanding traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture. Carry out educational activities on the theme of "learning excellent culture and inheriting traditional virtues", hold classic reading competitions at the ministerial level, and focus on traditional festivals such as "Qingming Festival" and "Dragon Boat Festival" during the semester to fully tap the deep cultural connotations of these festivals and develop Related festival education activities, vigorously promote the outstanding traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and form a series of cultural activities with the characteristics of our ministry.
(3) Further education on core values of socialism. Utilizing the theme education activity of "Practising Socialist Core Values, Let's Act on the Road", implement the Ministry of Education's "Outline of Guiding Principles for the Integration of Socialist Core Value System into Elementary and Secondary Education", and incorporate socialist core values into the core literacy and academic development of students Quality standards, promote the socialist core value system into teaching materials, into the classroom, into the mind.
3. Strengthen the moral education work innovation and improve the effectiveness of moral education work. Innovate moral education research work and deepen the study of micro class meetings.
4. The trinity of school, family and society, giving play to the advantages of integration.
Strengthen the connection between school, family and society, form a joint force to work together to effectively improve the effect of moral education; run parent letter, class WeChat group, WeChat public platform and other forms to guide the content, methods and methods of family education, Inform parents in all aspects of the junior high school in a timely manner, publicize new ideas and methods of current education, and actively explain the new measures and practices of our ministry in detail.