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Summary of work in the first semester of the junior high school 2018-2019 school year

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In August 2018, according to the county arrangement, Qihe County Children Sports School was merged into Qihe County Experimental Middle School to form a junior high school. During this semester, all faculty and staff in the junior high school work hard, and earnestly implement the school education philosophy of “precise and differentiated education”, focusing on the development of students, focusing on the development of students' behavioral habits, grasping both hands in education and teaching, and playing a game of moral education This work has developed rapidly. The following is a summary of the work of the junior high school in the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year:
First, pay close attention to moral education, so that students explicitly require that since the beginning of the semester, the junior high school department, in accordance with the school's moral education work plan, make full use of the theme class meetings, blackboard newspapers, study columns and other forms to organize students to systematically study the school's various The rules and regulations enable students to quickly adapt to the requirements of the new school, and each student clearly understands what to do and what not to do. The grade teacher, class teacher, and teachers of each class are scheduled to work. There are 2 teachers on duty during the day and 1 teacher at night in the evening. They pay close attention to the student's development, understand the students' thoughts in time, and deal with problems when they are found. At the same time, actively participate in the school's admission education military training activities, legal report meetings, queue formation competitions, track and field games, flag raising ceremony, daily two exercises, "red gene inheritance into campus" singing competition, etc., targeted Students carry out discipline education, legal education, patriotism education, etc., to help students understand that adulthood is success. The prerequisites and possibilities for success have promoted the overall improvement of the mental outlook of the junior middle school.
2. The whole process of teaching innovation integration, scientific education throughout the semester. The junior high school centered on the innovative development of teaching work, with the overall improvement of teaching quality as the main line, conscientiously implemented the overall school deployment, and effectively strengthened the routine management of teaching to achieve The teaching team and teaching achievement "double progress".
1. The teaching goals are clear and standardized, and the teaching work is methodical. At the beginning of the school, according to the general requirements of the experimental middle school, the junior high school has successively formulated teaching work plans. Each teacher in each subject has formulated a teaching plan according to the specific requirements of the new curriculum standards, especially the final final examination stage, and a detailed review has been formulated. The plan, specific to each lesson and each self-study, achieved clear goals, strong operability, put an end to formalism, and ensured the implementation of the overall teaching goals. In the implementation of routine work, our department arranged special personnel to carry out key checks on teaching activities such as preparing lessons, classes, and self-study, and listening to each other between teachers. They also held discussions with students at any time to keep abreast of the teaching situation of each teacher and make timely changes. Teaching ideas and methods.
2. Actively participate in training activities to improve the teaching level of teachers. In this semester, our department has strengthened the training of teachers' ability. According to the requirements of the County Education Bureau and the Teaching and Research Office, more than 20 people have been organized to participate in city-level quality class observation classes, classroom teaching ability training activities, teaching competitions, and mind map classes. Activities such as teaching and training involve key subjects such as Chinese, mathematics, English, and physics, which have benefited a lot, further broadening the teaching ideas of teachers and improving the teaching level.
3. Grasping process management to ensure normal teaching order. Based on the management of the teacher and student team, the junior middle school focused on the development of students' learning standards and the construction of style of study. In particular, he proposed "behavioral habits in the first grade, discipline in the second grade, and learning in the third grade." On the one hand, let students change their minds, gradually develop good study habits, and list this work as the top priority for the management of each class teacher to make it regular. On the other hand, the teacher's sense of responsibility should be strengthened, the effect should be 45 minutes for each class, explain every knowledge point, and teach every learning method. Thanks to the joint efforts of all teachers and students, the final exam scores of all grades and disciplines in the junior middle school have improved to varying degrees.
4. Do a good job of module testing and improve students 'self-confidence. <br /> In view of the fact that junior high school students have poor admission results and lack of self-confidence, we carry out multi-channel and multi-form inspirational education activities to actively explore students' own highlights. After the completion of a module test, through holding a commendation and recognition meeting, selection of pacesetters, stars of progress, outstanding class cadres, and moral education pacesetters were made, and class business cards were developed to guide students to objectively recognize their own strengths and potentials, regain confidence and clear directions. Set goals, everyone strives for excellence, creating a good atmosphere for learning and competition.
Third, strengthen campus safety management, do a good job of student safety, and actively take various measures to ensure the safety of junior high school students. The first is to organize a special class meeting, carefully study the "Manual of the Experimental Middle School's Regular Management System Manual", learn safety common sense, and carry out irregular safety inspections of classrooms and dormitories. The focus is on whether to bring mobile phones to board prohibited items, and the safety of water, electricity, and heating. To prevent major security accidents. The second is to educate students to build harmonious and peaceful people and relationships, deal with the relationship between students, create civilized dormitories and civilized classes, avoid campus bullying incidents, sign holiday "responsibility letters of safety" with students, and do safety education on holidays jobs. An emergency warning mechanism has been established to implement various emergency measures.
In short, through the efforts of one semester, the junior high school has given full courses and reasonable arrangements in the absence of teachers, and has achieved certain results in various aspects, but there are still some deficiencies and problems, such as student management needs to be strengthened and education The teaching order needs to be further rationally arranged, and the educational performance needs to be further improved. We believe that in the next semester, under the correct leadership of the school's school committee, all teachers and students in the junior middle school will continue to work hard and work hard to make every task of the school work in order to make a brilliant contribution to the experimental middle school. power!

January 23, 2019