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Our school holds the first college entrance examination simulation test commendation

2019-03-26 08:34 Hits ( )
Qihe County Experimental Middle School Held
Dezhou City First Grade 3 College Entrance Examination Simulation Test Commendation Conference
"Studying hard for three years, Shu Hai asked for directions to meet his dreams; 70 years of hard work, the toad palace turned into a glory."

On the morning of March 22nd, the first commendation meeting of Dezhou Senior High School Entrance Examination Simulation Testing Experiment Middle School was held. The principal Gao Yang, the vice principal Wang Jingchuan and the vice principal Yin Yilong attended the conference.

The conference was chaired by Guo Qiling, the first-grade director of the third grade. The first-ranked director Wang Xueji read the decision to commend the outstanding class, the excellent head teacher, the outstanding teacher, and the students who have achieved outstanding results and progress. Classes, teachers and students presented awards.

Finally, in the concluding speech, the president of the university expressed four hopes for the students who are about to charge the college entrance examination on behalf of the school committee : first , to carry forward the advantages, to overcome the shortcomings, and to always "find the leaks and fill the gaps" Investigate the gaps in behavior and learning, and be diligent in action and beautiful in behavior. The second is "discovery" , that is, to be good at discovering, discovering the laws and doing more with less. You must study with concentration, find a learning method that suits you at the last minute, and openly ask others for advice and explore the laws and mysteries of different disciplines. The third is to "play" , that is, to play with full confidence. Confidence comes from being well-prepared, and opportunities are always favored by those who are prepared; exertion comes from a stable mindset. At this critical time, we must calm down our emotions and be calm and peaceful to achieve high efficiency. The fourth is "development" , which is to seek "fitness". The one that suits you is the best, and you can develop healthily. At the same time, he hopes that the students will use the courage to face the competition of fierce competition such as clouds, and embrace the flowers, applause, honor and happiness that belong to you !

March 22, 2019