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Speech at the municipal high school mock exam commendation conference

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Speech at the Experimental Senior High School Mock Examination Recognition Conference

Gao Yang
( March 22, 2019 )

Teachers and students:
Good morning everyone !
Students, after more than two months of hard work, you have been studying hard for more than ten years, and have worked hard for more than ten years to produce fruitful fruits. This is an important node in your life and will have a positive and profound impact on your future life.
Teachers and classmates, for three years in high school, we have bumpy songs and accompany each other. After passing the city's senior high school mock exams in the previous stage, many students have made great progress and have been commended. I hope you can "go one step further" and hope that other students will use the honored classmates as an example. , Keep up the effort and catch up.
As the principal, I am here to send my students "four rounds" of bullets to escort you:
The first is to carry forward. It is to carry forward the advantages, overcome the shortcomings, and always "check the gaps and fill the gaps", check the behavioral omissions, learning omissions, and be diligent in action and beautiful in behavior.
The second is "discovery". It is to be good at discovering, discovering the rules, and doing more with less. You must study with concentration, find a learning method that suits you at the last minute, and openly ask others for advice and explore the laws and mysteries of different disciplines.
The third is to "play." It is to be full of confidence and play normally. Confidence comes from being well-prepared, and opportunities are always favored by those who are prepared; exertion comes from a stable mindset. At this critical time, we must calm down our emotions and be calm and peaceful to achieve high efficiency.
The fourth is "development". It is to seek "fitness", and what is suitable for you is the best, so that you can develop healthily. The students have been in high school for three years, and today, many students may have developed a mentality that the overall situation has been determined and the outcome has been divided. Human potential is endless, and scores are not static. As long as you have confidence, goals, methods, and hard work, at this last juncture, any miracle may happen, and you must believe that you are the dark horse that is about to appear. As long as you don't waver, as long as you don't run away from self-confidence, and as long as your will doesn't break down, then the day you graduate, it's definitely not you who is brushed down by the admissions line.
Harvard University is a very famous university. There are 8 presidents of the United States. This school has a lot of school mottos. The most famous one is: "Snoring at this moment, you will dream; studying at this moment, you will realize your dream." We in China also have an old saying: "Tear hard and suffer hard, and be good at others." Only by studying hard now can we live like a gentleman in the future. Harvard students are not bad, but what does the Harvard Library look like at 4 AM? The lights were bright and packed. Students can think about this, such an excellent school, such outstanding students, and still working so hard. What other reasons do we not have to study harder?
Since the third year of high school, our teachers have been willing to dedicate themselves, be willing to be a ladder, return early and return late, be diligent and rigorous, and rigorously study, and set up a struggling personality benchmark in front of everyone with their actual actions! They are the strong backing of everyone's determination! They are the spiritual motivation for everyone to take the exam with confidence! Classmates, let us express our heartfelt thanks to the teachers for their dedication with warm applause !
Classmates, I hope that you will respond to this pressured and challenging high school last good time with an onslaught attitude . I hope you will face the fierce competition of the fierce competition, such as clouds, with the courage to charge, and embrace your flowers, applause, honor and happy!
thank you all!