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Our school held a motivational speech on "Challenging the Limits of the College Entrance Examination"

2019-03-26 08:47 Hits ( )
Mr. Xiao Ran, a senior expert in China's college entrance examination, entered Qihe County Experimental Middle School
"Challenge the Limits of the College Entrance Examination" Inspirational Lecture Held
On March 2nd , the Experimental Middle School invited senior experts from China National College Entrance Examination Speech Network, national second-level psychological counselors, national excellent teachers of information training, and senior trainers. Xiao Ran made a "challenging college entrance examination" "Extreme" motivational speech greatly inspired the students' vigorous spirit and raised their confidence in winning the college entrance examination.

In a burst of applause, Teacher Xiao Ran was full of emotion and passion. He provided comprehensive counseling to students from the aspects of establishing self-confidence, learning methods, and quality of will. He used humorous and passionate language to inspire all students present: "To establish firm convictions; to give up what should be given up; to insist at any time; to have dreams, learn to be grateful, and set goals."

The content of the "Ground Ground" speech was profoundly philosophical. The students listened carefully and actively participated in the interaction. "I can change myself" and other confident and powerful words resounded throughout the campus.

"Each student can be valued and cared for, each student can find support and self-confidence, and each student's highlights can be discovered and displayed" is the education strategy of Experimental Middle School. This speech is one of the measures taken by the school to implement the concept of “precision education for difference”, which inspired students to achieve their ideal ambitions and ignited their passion to challenge the limits of the college entrance examination and achieve their dreams of the future.

March 25, 2019