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Qihe Experimental Middle School Holds "Parent Open Day"

2019-03-20 15:09 Hits ( )
Home-school cooperation for growth
——Qihe County Experimental Middle School held "Parent Open Day" activity
In order to enhance communication between schools, teachers, and parents, so that parents can learn more about the school's education and teaching, and learn about the student's learning life at school, so as to better focus on the growth of children, and cooperate with school work, March 19, experiment Middle School held the "Parent Open Day" event, and nearly 30 parent representatives from the parent committees of each grade department participated in the event.

Around 9:00 am, parents stepped into the experimental middle school one after another. First, a seminar was held. Principal Gao Yang gave a brief introduction to parents on the aspects of school ethics, precise education for different schools, cultural construction and safety education, and how parents educated in the family. Hopes and requirements have been raised in terms of student life, safety, and learning. Later, the parent representative Zhao Haijian made a speech and exchange on the practice in family education.

After the symposium, members of the school committee led the parents to watch the students' running exercises, the party building promenade, and the newly built main monitoring room.

After observing the students' art majors, the parents were very pleased and thanked the teachers for their hard work for the growth of the students.

At noon time, the parents also visited the student apartment and restaurant. "The dormitory and restaurant are in good hygiene and the food is delicious. We are assured." One parent said after experiencing the restaurant meal.

After visiting the campus, parents have carefully filled out their opinions and suggestions, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the rapid and healthy development of the school.

The development of the school is inseparable from the participation of parents, and the growth of students is even more dependent on the education of parents. This open day activity of Experimental Middle School has strengthened the connection between parents and schools, and has a positive effect on building a home-school integrated education platform, giving full play to the role of parents in school management, and further promoting the development of school education and teaching management .

March 20, 2019