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County Government Deputy Magistrate Wang Weilai Experimental Middle School Investigates School Construction Work

2019-03-09 15:23 Hits ( )
Wang Wei, the deputy head of the county government, came to our school to investigate the school construction work
On March 8th, Wang Wei , the deputy head of the county government , accompanied by Yang Wuqiang , the director of the County Education and Sports Bureau , visited our school to investigate the school construction work. President Gao Yang led the members of the school committee to accompany the inspection.

The research team inspected the planned location of the comprehensive gymnasium. Director Yang introduced the measures taken by the Education and Sports Bureau and the school to improve the running conditions of the experimental middle school, and made a key report on the preliminary preparation and planning of the comprehensive gymnasium project. The president of the university introduced the overall planning and existing problems of the experimental middle school to the leaders.

Wang Wei pointed out that the school construction work must be placed in a vital position. We must plan the school's development plan from the height of the county's educational development. Based on the actual situation, the reconstruction and expansion of the experimental middle school should be implemented as soon as possible and better. To meet the needs of the masses in the county for quality education, to ensure that the county's education work is well and quickly developed in a balanced manner.