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Qihe County Experimental Middle School Celebrates Women's Day

2019-03-09 08:31 Hits ( )
Qihe County Experimental Middle School Celebrates Women's Day

In order to make the female faculty members of Experimental Middle School have a harmonious, warm, healthy, happy, memorable and meaningful March 8th Women's Day, March 6 , under the joint organization of labor unions and women 's committees, all female faculty members of Experimental Middle School A special celebration was held.

首先在报告厅举行了庆祝会议,由副校长李冰同志主持,妇女主任王春凤同志作了精彩发言,最后副校长王京船同志作了重要讲话,向全校女教职工致以节日的祝福,感谢她们对学校工作的辛勤付出和支持,并希望在今后的工作中能不忘初心,立德树人,继续实施“精准化差异教育”, 实验中学更加美好的明天 做出新的更大的贡献! The event consisted of two parts. First, a celebration meeting was held in the lecture hall. It was chaired by Deputy Principal Li Bing. Women's Director Comrade Wang Chunfeng made a wonderful speech. Finally, Vice President Wang Jingchuan gave an important speech to the school's female teaching staff. Season's greetings, thank them for their hard work and support for school work, and hope that in the future work, they will not forget their original intentions, stand up people, continue to implement "precise difference education", and make a better tomorrow for experimental middle school Make new and greater contributions!

4支代表队70余名教师参加了比赛。 After the celebration, a wonderful tug-of-war competition was organized, and more than 70 teachers from three teams and four junior high schools attended the competition. Participating players wanted to work in one place and worked hard together, and every small movement caused the audience to cheer. 前后勤初中 队获“优秀奖”。 After a fierce competition, the senior team and the senior team won the first and second prizes, and the senior team and the junior high school team won the "Excellent Award".

Through the development of this activity, the fatigue and pressure of teachers' work were eased , the relationship between colleagues was harmonized , the cohesion and centripetal force of the school were enhanced; the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of faculty and staff were enhanced, and the positive and motivated faculty were demonstrated Good mental appearance.

March 7, 2019