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Qihe County 2019 Elementary and Middle School Spring Athletics Games is held in our school

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Qihe County 2019 Elementary and Middle School Spring Track and Field Games

Grandly held in our school

Feeling the breath of spring, accompanied by youthful and dynamic bugle drums, with a passion like Chaoyang, on April 28, 2019, the 2019 Spring and Field Games for Primary and Middle School Students in Qihe County opened in our school, from the county 23 804 athletes from elementary schools, 17 junior high schools, 2 senior high schools and Qihe Vocational College competed in the stadium of our school. Zhou Qin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Qihe County People's Congress, Wang Wei, deputy head of the county government, Zheng Guiping, deputy chairman of the county CPPCC, Ge Fuyi, member of the county government party group and secretary of the party committee of the Education and Sports Bureau, Zhang Yingli, chairman of the county women's federation, Hou Chen, secretary of the county committee Vice President Ai Ju attended the opening ceremony. The county education and sports bureau director Comrade Yang Wuqiang presided over.

At 9 am, accompanied by the exciting march of the athletes, under the leadership of the National Guard, each team entered the stadium one after another.

Comrade Wang Wei, Deputy Magistrate Opening Address

Chaired by Comrade Yang Wuqiang, Director of County Education and Sports Bureau

On behalf of the experimental middle school, Wang Jingchuan, the vice president of our school, gave a welcome speech to the visiting leaders at all levels, colleagues from brother schools, athletes and referees participating in the competition. The Spring Games is very honored. Our school is confident that it can provide a fair and fair platform for the sports event , and is more than willing to provide a warm and comfortable leisure communication platform for all athletes and staff . The teachers and students of the whole school will perform their duties diligently , brainstorm, organize carefully , cooperate with each other, and serve with enthusiasm , and strive to make this Games a more contemporary and artistic sports event .

The referees and athlete representatives swore an oath, and the conference will be conducted in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.

After the opening ceremony, a wonderful group performance was held. Our school ’s large group gymnastics "Flying Dream" performed neatly and danced youthfully. The colors of the fans were combined into a beautiful and meaningful picture. Our experimental middle school celebrated the motherland 70 The blessings of birthday, the courage to ride the wind and the waves, and the students' enthusiasm, and the confidence to realize the flying dream were presented to the guests, and received rave reviews.

I wish the Games successfully held!

I hope the athletes work hard on the field ,
Race to a competitive level, race to a moral style, race to a personality style !

April 29, 2019