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Preliminary Notice on Holding the Seventh City High School Teachers' Professional Knowledge Contest

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Dezhou Academy of Educational Science Preliminary Notice on Holding the 7th Municipal High School Teachers' Professional Knowledge Contest

County and city teaching and research offices and municipal high schools:
In order to strengthen the professional guidance of high school teachers in the city, promote professional growth, and improve professional standards, it is planned to hold the seventh city high school teacher professional knowledge competition in October 2017. The relevant matters are now notified.
I. Participants Participating in nine disciplines (under 45 years old) of high schools in the city. The specific personnel will be determined by lottery. The distribution of subjects and numbers is as follows:
Subject Language mathematics foreign language physical Chemistry biological political history Geography total
Key High School 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 twenty one
Average high school 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9
2. Examination content The content of the junior high school practice and the second practice test accounted for about 5% in the last semester; the national I, national II, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong (language and mathematics only) accounted for about 50% of the college entrance examination questions in the past two years ; In the summer of 2017, about 30% of the course implementation plan and subject video training content of ordinary senior high schools in Shandong Province account for about 15% of the discussion questions.
Example questions:
1. Faced with the situation of "three new and one old" (new college entrance examination, new curriculum standards, new plans, old teaching materials), how do you cope with the teaching work in the new semester, please talk about your teaching design for a certain knowledge point based on your own subject characteristics .
2. According to the materials, scenarios, or delineated scope of knowledge, a test question is formulated, which requires that the new college entrance examination orientation, quality education requirements, and Lishu people's thinking be reflected.
Third, other instructions
1. This professional knowledge competition will use a standardized test room, the entire video, the examination cheating staff will be awarded 0 points, and will be notified of criticism.
2. After the competition, each discipline will be ranked first, and finally the schools will be ranked according to the overall performance of all participating teachers.
3. The winning percentage of teachers participating in various disciplines is 50%. The winning teachers only issue certificates and do not give bonuses.
The specific time and place of the professional knowledge competition will be notified separately.

Dezhou Institute of Educational Science
September 2017