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Notice on the Essay Selection of "Teleportion of Good Family Style Youth Exhibition" in the County

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Notice on the Essay Selection of "Teleportion of Good Family Style Youth Exhibition" in the County

County Economic Development Zone, Yellow River International Ecological City, Qilu High-tech Development Zone, all townships (streets), all departments directly under the county, all units stationed in Qi, and primary and middle school youth league committees (general branches, branches):
In order to implement the requirements of the county's "Implementation Plan for Deeply Carrying Out the Social Responsibility and Becoming the First Teacher to Establish a Good Homeschooling and Family Style" activity, promote the establishment of a clean and honest, good morals and social customs, and mobilize all County youths strive to be the main force of family education, become advocates and practitioners of family education, and effectively play the active role of youth in the construction of family style. The County and County Party Committee decided to launch a theme solicitation activity on the theme of “Television of Good Family Style Youth” among the youth of the county. The specific matters are notified as follows:
I. Participants of the county government institutions, enterprises, schools, and other industries. 2. The theme of the essay is good. The style of the youth is good. 3. The essay time
September 4, 2017-September 24, 2017 Fourth, the content of the essay is based on the theme of "Passing on the good looks of young people in the family style exhibition", and choose one from the following perspectives.
(1) Tell about "My Family Style", my own family rules and family motto, and praise the good personal conduct and conduct of family members.
(2) Describe the cognition of family style, the perception of establishing a good family style in the new era, and the experience of reading excellent traditional family books and family rules.
(3) Elaborate the family story of the elders' words and deeds, and the education of honesty and family style around them.
(4) Talk about the experience of educating the next generation to inherit the family style, and the good strategies to inherit the good family style.
V. Call for Papers
1. The style is not limited. The title is self-defined. The word count of the article is about 800 words.
2. Close to family, close to reality, close to life, carry forward the main theme, reflect positive energy, sing the spirit of the times, inherit traditional virtues, advocate honest thinking, and express true feelings.
3. The work must be original, plagiarism, reproduction or simple adaptation is strictly prohibited.
4. The works shall be submitted in units, and each unit shall select three outstanding works for preliminary selection.
Selection and Awards
1. The Youth League and County Party Committee will conduct the selection by inviting professional young people to form an essay review committee and open WeChat public voting. The WeChat public open voting will open voting channels through the Qihe Youth WeChat public account.
Final score evaluation = committee score * 75% + WeChat score * 25%
2. This essay has 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 7 third prizes, and 10 outstanding prizes. In addition, a number of outstanding organization awards will be selected in this competition. The awards will be presented to the winners and the winning works will be displayed in the news media.
7. Submission Method All paper submissions should be submitted to both paper and electronic versions, and the electronic version should be sent to the mailbox qhtxw016@163.com before September 25, 2017. The paper version should be submitted to the County Party Committee Office on the fourth floor of the county office building. .
Contact: Zhang Haifeng Tel: 0534-5321016
Attachment: Statistics of Essay Competition

Qihe County Party Committee of the Communist Youth League
September 4, 2017