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School psychological counseling room management system

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School psychological counseling room management system
Article 1: The purpose of the counseling room is to counsel students' mental health, to help students improve their mental health in various ways, and to serve teachers and parents.

Article 2 Love the parties, use the love to influence the parties, help the parties, use love to give the parties strength, let the parties trust, and restore the parties' self-confidence and self-knowledge.

The third is to treat each other with sincerity, help, and guide visitors to help themselves in a healthy mental state of "positive, confident, optimistic, and upward".

Article 4: For help calls and visitors, we must do a good job in receiving the work, understand the situation in a timely manner, and properly handle it.

Article 5: Psychological consultants shall keep the relevant information and files of the visitors confidential; if case teaching, scientific research or writing is adopted, those relevant information that may be used to identify the service target should be appropriately hidden.

Article 6: During the process of psychological counseling, if it is found that the counselor has endangered their own lives and endangered social security, it is the responsibility of the counselor to take necessary measures immediately to prevent accidents.

Article 7: Psychological counselors should pay attention to maintaining emotional stability, and should avoid receiving visitors when they are in a state of extreme emotional fluctuations.

Article 8: The working principle of psychological counselors is to guide visitors to become independent and strengthen themselves, and promote their growth from the front.

Article 9: Be conscientious and responsible to the visitors. After the consultation, you need to arrange and improve the consultation record card in time.

Article 10 If the consultants cannot resolve the problem at that time, they must consult the relevant information before resolving at the agreed time.

Article 11 The consultation room shall archive the consultation situation within a certain period for future reference.

Article 12 The staff of the consultation room shall be on time within the prescribed time, and the work of the psychological consultation room shall be kept regular and standardized.

Article 13 The consultants should take care of the indoor public objects, close the doors and windows when leaving, lock them in time, and compensate for the loss or damage according to the price.

Article 14 Loves psychological counselling and faithfully fulfills his job duties.

Article 15 The consultation room is cleaned by consultants on that day, and it is required to be clean and comfortable.