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Attendance system of teaching staff in Qihe Experimental Middle School

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Faculty Attendance System
In order to adapt to the new situation of the current education reform, deepen the reform of the education personnel system, strengthen the construction of our school's teaching staff, promote the scientific development of the school, and according to the spirit of the relevant documents of the superiors, combine this with the actual situation of the school to make this system.
I. Attendance System
1. All faculty and staff will implement a shift system to work and work on time, not late, leave early, and ask for leave if necessary. When going out during work, you must ask the director to take leave and register the time for going out in the communication room. Those who leave the post without fulfilling the leave procedures shall be dealt with as violations of discipline upon inspection and absent from work for more than three times.
2. Faculty and staff must participate in school flag raising, political study, assembly, collective activities, etc. on time, not late or leave early. Relevant offices should make good assessment records and incorporate the assessment results into year-end performance assessment.
3. In order to alleviate the problem of traffic congestion at noon after school, faculty and staff who have missed the fourth class in the morning can leave the school 10 minutes in advance.
4. Those who need to leave school for a long time due to special difficulties need to submit a written application. After submitting to the principal's office for approval, they can take appropriate care and deduct a certain amount of performance salary.
5. Breastfeeding female teachers are given one hour of breastfeeding time before the child is one year old. Women who are pregnant can reduce their working time by one hour each day before giving birth.
and leave procedures
1. Registration requirements:
(1) I sign in and indicate the time (special circumstances can be signed by the duty officer and the reason, other personnel may not sign on behalf of).
(2) Those who haven't signed up will be implemented by the staff on duty, record late, sick leave or public holiday and sign it.
(3) After the sign-in time is over, the duty officer will send the sign-in form to the school office in time, and the school office will publicize it online.
2. Leave Procedure:
(1) Temporary late arrival: In special circumstances, you cannot arrive on time (within half an hour). You must ask the office and grade team leader for leave in advance. If you need to adjust the course, you must inform the person in charge of the course in advance. After arriving at the school, go to the person in charge to fill in the temporary late arrival leave slip and send it to the school office. The late arrival time can be accumulated to eight hours per month without charge.
(2) Late: Within half an hour late, if you do not take the leave in advance according to the first item, it will be regarded as late.
(3) Illness and leave:
② Within three days: I will fill out the leave application at the school office at least half a day in advance, and the school office will contact the relevant office to obtain the department's opinion. After reporting to the principal's office for approval, I will inform the relevant personnel of the approval opinion and handle the leave procedures. Teachers asking for leave must be signed by the grade director and the teacher development office director.
Sick leave faculty and staff need to hold hospital medical records and medical invoices. Incomplete materials are considered as leave;
If it is really impossible to ask for leave in advance due to an acute illness or an emergency, I will ask the relevant person in charge for the leave as soon as possible and make up for it afterwards.
③ More than three days: I will fill in the leave application at the school office at least half a day in advance (sick leave must be accompanied by a hospital medical record, a doctor's invoice, and a recommended certificate of rest). The school office will submit it to the principal's office for approval.
Sick leave for one month and leave for more than half a month shall be signed by the school and reported to the Personnel Office of the Municipal Education Bureau for approval. Those with long-term sick leave should follow the relevant documents of their superiors.
(4) Public Holidays: Leave for public meetings, studies, correspondence, business trips, etc. must be held with relevant notices and instructions from the responsible leaders, and leave before leaving the office.
Relevant instructions
1. If the faculty and staff cannot return to work on time after the leave period ends, they must re-execute the leave procedure and return to the office to cancel the leave.
2. Those who have not fulfilled the leave procedures and left the post without authorization shall be deemed absent from work. If absenteeism is more than 15 working days in a row, or if absenteeism is more than 30 working days in a year, the school may terminate its employment contract.
3. Faculty and staff members have eight hours of care for temporary outings due to personal matters. Outside of eight hours, every accumulated 4 hours is counted as half-day leave, and so on.
4. Class teachers and Chinese and English teachers who come to class early and study in the morning will accumulate the number of times they sign in before the morning self-study multiplied by 40 minutes each month, increasing their monthly care time for personal outings.
5, late for each deduction of 10 yuan, more than half an hour, according to sick leave procedures within a day.
6. Teachers with classwork who are absent from school due to illness or leave and need to be replaced by another person at school, deduct 20 yuan per class (converted according to the standard proportion of 12 class hours per week); adjust the class by themselves or arrange this No charge will be made for other teachers in the subject (subject to adjustments to the Academic Affairs Office).
7. For sick leave, the "Performance Duty Award" in performance pay is deducted based on the number of leave days (deducted in proportion to the number of leave days of the month, and the accumulated leave is more than 10 days, and the "Performance Award" is deducted in that month). If the deduction is made within 4 days of sick leave, the double deduction will not be implemented.
8. Schools set up full-time rewards in performance-based pay plans. Teachers who are not absent from class throughout the year (including self-adjusted classes or arranged by other teachers of the subject themselves) and those who accept the arrangement of the school to make up for their annual class hours for others can enjoy full class rewards.
9. For those who have difficulty in applying for approval to take care of the school, if they walk less than 45 minutes a day, they will be paid 100 yuan less per month.
10. The related marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, bereavement leave, etc. are executed in accordance with the relevant documents of the superior.
11. The matters not covered in this document are decided by the School Office. The interpretation right of this document lies in the principal's office.